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Grab your explorer backpack when visiting Canna!
Educational 3 March 2021

Grab your explorer backpack when visiting Canna!

Biosecurity for Life Officer RSPB, Scotland

The Isle of Canna is the westernmost of the Small Isles in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. The island is home to a small community, an amazing history, and more than 20,000 seabirds!

Families visiting Canna can use this explorer pack to help discover the incredible wildlife and learn how biosecurity helps to protect these special species.

Simply borrow a pack from the Canna Ranger or Canna Community Shop, and return all items at the end of the day. You can also find the activity cards at the link below: save them to your phone and join in during your trip!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Twitter @biosecurityLIFE and @CannaRangersNTS.


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PDF 156kb

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