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Stakeholder management
Planning 22 March 2021

Stakeholder management

Jaclyn Pearson Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, United Kingdom

Biosecurity involves the efforts of every stakeholder of the island (boat operators, tourists,

businesses on island or delivering good to the island, community members)


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Planning 22 March 2021

Island Biosecurity Plan template

Use this template to write your biosecurity plan. It has the relevant sections you need and is a very handy tool to ensure you have a robust plan.

Tessa Coledale Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, Wales and Northern Ireland
Planning 22 March 2021

Background to the project and overview of terms

Here we give an overview of the most important term sin biosecurity including; - Surveillance (ongoing and intensive) - Incursion response

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

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