Incursion 21 March 2021

Rodents - Use of snap (kill) traps and DNA sampling

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

Animal welfare must be a primary consideration when using traps. It is important to ensure that the right trapping methods are used, and in the right way.

This document will provide you with the guidance to use snap traps effectively.

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Incursion 21 March 2021

Rodent incursion response guidelines (concise)

These guidelines contain a flow diagram with instructions on how to identify a probable or confirmed rodent incursion, and how to set up and monitor an incursion response grid using rodenticide bait

Tessa Coledale Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, Wales and Northern Ireland
Incursion 21 March 2021

GWCT Guidelines to make a 'mink raft'

The mink raft is can be used for surveillance but also for trapping mink as and when required. It detects mink footprints in clay, so a trap only needs be set when there is evidence of a mink present.

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

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