Surveillance 23 March 2021

Rat and mouse - intensive surveillance

Jaclyn Pearson Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, United Kingdom

Intense surveillance: The actions required to responding to possible signs of rats or mice.

If they have breached your prevention measures and barriers, you need to detect them as soon as possible and respond accordingly.


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Surveillance 27 March 2021

Recipe for making flavoured wax blocks

Follow the recipe (from Wildlife Management International Limited) and use the equipment list to make favoured wax blocks to use in your surveillance.

Biosecurity for Life Officer RSPB, Scotland
Surveillance 23 March 2021

GWCT Guidelines to make a 'mink raft'

The mink raft is can be used for monitoring (and then trapping mink as and when required). It detects mink footprints in clay, and being a raft on water, this increases the likelihood of its use by mink.

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

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