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Biosecurity booklet (English)
awareness 7 March 2021

Biosecurity booklet (English)

Jaclyn Pearson Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, United Kingdom

The topics covered are; 

Page 1. What is biosecurity (preventing the spread of invasive non-native species)?

Page 2. What is an invasive non-native mammal?

Page 3. Why are they are problem? Which islands are at risk? 

Page 4. What to do when traveling to islands? (Vehicles / Cargo / Boats / Baggage)

Page 5. Signs of stowaways 

Page 7. What is the project doing to help? 

Page 8. Contact 


PDF 156kb

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Biosecurity booklet (Welsh)

This 8-page biosecurity booklet provides information on what to do when travelling to islands including checking vehicles, cargo and baggage. Download a copy here.

Tessa Coledale Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, Wales and Northern Ireland
awareness 28 March 2021

Coastal interpretation panel

These interpretation panels will soon be in place at the main points of departure for islands (ports, harbours and airports) to raise awareness of how we can all play our part in biosecurity and protecting seabirds.

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

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