Module 6


Time to showcase and celebrate all that the pupils have achieved over the programme. It's time to launch their biosecurity campaigns so others can help us protect island seabirds. This could be through a launch event in person or online through social media. Just make sure you invite all the right people.

Share and celebrate

This last module is all about sharing the hard work of the pupils and celebrating all that that they have achieved to help island seabirds. Being creative and ambitious about how you plan to share the pupils biosecurity messaging has the potential to create a stand out event in your wider community. Pupils have already demonstrated that they are sucessful kearners and confident individuals, so this is a chance for them to become responsible citizens.and effective contributors.

Key Module Questions:

  • Will you launch your campaign in person or online?
  • When in the calendar year is the right time to launch?
  • Will your launch cost any money?
  • How many people would you like to reach?
  • How will you know you have reached them?

Learning Outcomes

Through contributing their views, time and talents, pupils play a part in bringing about positive change in their school and wider community. Representing their class, school and/or wider community encourages pupils' self-worth and confidence and allows them to contribute to and participate in society. Pupils learn to use language and style in a way which engages and/or influences their audience. Pupils can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in an appropriate way for their purpose and use suitable vocabulary for the audience. Pupils are developing confidence when engaging with others within and beyond their place of learning. They can communicate in a clear, expressive way and are learning to select and organise resources independently.

Session structure

  1. Icebreaker - Watch this short video above created by pupils from Bhaile a' Mhanaich​ Primary School in the Western Isels of Scotland. They have chosen a musical way to spread the word about biosecurity. Now it's you turn!
  2. Intro 16/8/4 words (20 mins) What is your key message? What would be your message in 16 words, 8 words and 4 words. Encourage the pupils to think back over the course about their seabird facts and biosecurity solutions.
  3. Launch event planning – pupils are invited to brainstorm ideas for a launch event. Thinking about location, time, cost and who to invite.
  4. Start spreading the word! Remember to include @biosecurityLIFE on any social media channels so we can see it too! This activity contributes to the Wild Challenge Award. If you have done each Wild Challenge activity throughout this programme, your pupils will now be eligible for their Bronze Certificate!
  5. Plenary- To end on a high head outside and play fun a game of Biosecurity Rounders, a game invented by pupils from Aith Primary in Shetland. You all deserve it!
Well done! Your pupils can officially call themselves biosecurity champions and have contributed to saving the UK’s seabird populations.
Module 6

Outdoor Game Biosecurity Rounders! Bat away the stowaways to keep your islands safe

Module 6

Wild Challenge Spread the Word - get creative and make some noise about Biosecurity!


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