Module 6

Biosecurity Rounders! Bat away the stowaways to keep your islands safe

Normal rounders rules where the fielders are invasive predators sending stowaways to new islands. The ball is a stowaway, bases and batter’s square are islands and the batter is a conservationist.  

This game was invented by pupils from Aith Primary School in Shetland
Module 6

Biosecurity Rounders! Bat away the stowaways to keep your islands safe

Game rules

Teams swap characters when they swap batting. Dressing the ball up as a stowaway (e.g., put it in a sock) is encouraged, as is decorating islands.

The batter is the biosecurity officer who’s trying to find the stowaways and hit them away from the island (batter’s square). If the stowaway ends up with the other invasives (caught by a fielder) then it can reproduced and the conservationist is out.

As the bases are islands, if a player is stumped it means the stowaway gets to the island before people can protect it and the biosecurity officer is out.

After stopping on an island (base) the biosecurity officer has to name three birds they can see on the island and do an impression of one of them.

When someone scores a full rounder the other batters have to do a victory lap of their best bird impressions.

Module 6

Wild Challenge Spread the Word - get creative and make some noise about Biosecurity!


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