The resources sections of the website
The resources sections of the website

Whether you are a boat owner preventing stowaways, an island manager writing your own biosecurity plan, or a teacher planning a school trip to an island, these resources will assist you to protect seabirds through biosecurity.

There are six resource sections for you to explore or simply head to the section which will answer your specific questions.

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Plus, for land managers, having a rodent incursion response plan at the ready for if a rodent does breach biosecurity measures is a must. The ‘Incursion response’ section provides useful documents in this one easy to find location.

  1. Biosecurity on boats – boat operators can download useful guides and read tips and advice on preventing stowaways and what to do if one is found onboard.
  2. Educational resources – stacked full with family engagement activities and education tools for primary schools.
  3. Awareness raising – we need everyone’s help to spread the word of biosecurity to protect seabird islands, download posters and leaflets and watch videos here.
  4. Writing and implementing your biosecurity plan – designed for island managers, these resources will help you plan your approach.
  5. Routine and intensive surveillance – these resources will help you carry out routine surveillance and intensify effort when you have possible sign of an invasive predator.
  6. Incursion response – these resources will help you carry out an incursion response if you have probable or definite sign of a rat, mouse or mink.

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Finally, ‘Our biosecurity experts’ section helps you meet the team and get in touch with us. Whether you are an islander, visitor, business or agency we can help you to make biosecurity 'business as usual' to protect our islands and the amazing wildlife that lives there.

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Please do get in touch with us if there are any other useful resources you would like to see added to the library. 

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If you’d like more information or would like to report a sighting of an invasive predator please contact us using the form below: