September 2021

Seabirds, Surveillance, and Sheep on Auskerry

On an unseasonably warm day for September Holly and the Biosecurity Officer for the Orkney Native Wildlife Project (ONWP), made our way over to Auskerry from Kirkwall. After a smooth sailing (apart from a very choppy patch in the middle!) we made it to the small island in just over...

Biosecurity for Life Officer RSPB, Scotland



July 2021

Sula Sgeir - 19/06/2021

In the last blog we followed Tom on his journey to North Rona. Here we pick up the story aboard Enchanted Isle heading west towards Sula Sgeir.

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

June 2021

Ten days in the waiting - North Rona

Situated 70km north of the Isle of Lewis and 71km north west of Cape Wrath, North Rona and Sula Sgeir are two of the most remote islands Biosecurity for LIFE are working on. We always knew that luck and time would be required and on our side to land.

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

June 2021

#BiosecurityBites no.1

Welcome to our first #BiosecurityBites update

Thomas Churchyard Biosecurity for LIFE Project Manager, Scotland

May 2021

INNS week day four - Rapid Incursion Response

During the past few days of Invasive Non-Native Species week, we have been looking at invasive predators, the pathways which they can travel to arrive on our seabird islands, and how biosecurity can go about preventing and detecting their arrival and spread. Today we look at what can be done if an invasive predator is detected on a seabird island.

April 2021

Scilly to Shetland - Our New Biosecurity Officer

We welcome Holly Paget-Brown as the the newest member of the Biosecurity for LIFE team. Here she introduces herself, explains the distance she has covered between biosecurity projects is an impressive 1200KM spanning the breadth of the country. From Scilly to Shetland, Holly brings a wealth of experience to the project.

April 2021

Launch of the website ‘resource library’

The team has been busy uploading useful resources onto the website. Simply head to the homepage and 'resources' where there are six sections for you to explore or click on the section which will answer your specific questions. Whether you are a boat owner preventing stowaways to special islands, an island manager writing your own biosecurity plan or a teacher planning a school trip to an island, these resources will assist you to protect seabirds on islands through biosecurity. Plus, for land managers, having a rodent incursion response plan at the ready for if a rodent does breach biosecurity measures is a must. The ‘Incursion response’ section provides useful documents in this one easy to find location.

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