July 2021

What do Shetland’s seabirds and Caribbean iguanas have in common? Sharing experiences of saving species through biosecurity

In this blog we welcome Sarah Havery, Senior Species Recovery Officer at RSPB, who recently spent two weeks assisting Holly in Shetland as part of her sabbatical and thinking how projects either side of the Atlantic can work together to promote good biosecurity.

In June and early July this year, I was...



July 2021

Biosecurity progress on Fetlar

In this blog Holly, our Biosecurity Officer in Shetland, talks us through the recent work she has been doing with the community on Fetlar.

July 2021

#BiosecurityBites no.2

Welcome to this #BiosecurityBites

July 2021

A long day trip to the Flannan Isles

In this blog our Biosecurity Officer Sarah recounts a long and tiring day to the Flannan Isles to set up rodent surveillance and count the seabirds.

July 2021

Sula Sgeir - 19/06/2021

In the last blog we followed Tom on his journey to North Rona. Here we pick up the story aboard Enchanted Isle heading west towards Sula Sgeir.

June 2021

Ten days in the waiting - North Rona

Situated 70km north of the Isle of Lewis and 71km north west of Cape Wrath, North Rona and Sula Sgeir are two of the most remote islands Biosecurity for LIFE are working on. We always knew that luck and time would be required and on our side to land.

June 2021

#BiosecurityBites no.1

Welcome to our first #BiosecurityBites update

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