Boat and kayak owners 22 March 2021

Found signs of stowaways onboard your kayak? Here are the steps to take

Jaclyn Pearson Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, United Kingdom

Do not land on a seabird island. Follow these steps:


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Boat and kayak owners 23 March 2021

ID TOOL - Rodent identification and signs of stowaways

Use this handy guide to learn how to identify rodents and their signs. Entrance holes, droppings, nest material and gnaw marks can all help alert you to a rodent on your boat.

Afra Skene Biosecurity for LIFE Officer, Shetland and Orkney
Boat and kayak owners 10 March 2021

How far can rodents swim?

Different species have different swimming strengths and this is important information - never throw a stowaway overboard from a boat.

Biosecurity for Life Officer RSPB, Scotland

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