Securing funding for your biosecurity project

There are a number of funding channels available here in the UK and across the EU.  Please use these websites to make enquiries. 

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Funding opportunities

Follow these links to websites which will offer advice or signpost you to funding streams which may be bested suited to your island biosecurity measures. 

When we receive information on specific opportunities we will provide the details here. 

Current funding channels

Funding Ends 31 March 2022

Funding for all

Funding for All provides free, expert fundraising advice to small charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises.

Funding Ends 15 February 2021

EU LIFE Programme

The European Union provides funding for environmental, nature conservation and climate projects through its LIFE Programme. For the UK, the last opportunity for funding applications is 15th February 2021 prior to the UK's departure from the the EU.

Funding Ends 01 March 2021

Heritage Fund

Heritage Lottery Fund is investing in resilience which can include safeguarding the natural environment. 

They have recently introduced new measures to help the heritage sector become more robust, enterprise and forward looking .